Thank you to everyone that has supported and helped create Craftmas!

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  • Neil Mandt  Executive Producer
  • Gordon Whitener  Executive Producer
  • Chadwick TurnerProducer
  • Alex WiltseAssociate Producer
  • Beverly ReynoldsMarketing Manager
  • Max RubinLogo Design

Freeform Labs

  • Ian Donahue  Production Lead
  • Max Pixel  Development Lead
  • Camille Kanengiser  Camille Kanengiser

Thank you to Matthew Steidl for working with us as our 3D artist

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Positron games

  • Jason Mathias Engineer

Safari Riot

  • Grayson SandersCreative Director & Foley Artist
  • Jerry YehSound Designer & Audio Engineer
  • Bonnie Bogovich  Chief Integrator 
  • Rudy ChungAudio Tester
  • Jessica VandenbergAudio Tester
  • Erinn Lee  Audio Tester